Thursday, December 30, 2010


Sadly, the recriminations about Australia's performance in the Ashes series are flowing thick and fast.  I feel sorry for the Australian team, they carry a huge weight of expectation from both themselves, the fans, and of course the selectors.  All this in an environment where the media hypothesise about who should and shouldn't be in the team, and their comments about the selectors. Amongst it all I thought those team members interviewed showed maturity and good sportsmanship.  Not so the newspaper reports in England commenting on the Aussies - no such thing as sportsmanship there at all.  Ah well, one more test to go, I wish them all the best!

On another note, while out shopping this morning, I was reminded that it's nearly New Year's Eve as we moved around the busy supermarket and had to keep avoiding getting in the way of people pushing heavily laden trollies at a frantic pace.  New Year's Resolutions, no such thing for us, but I think I will just take time out to smell the roses, well at least for the next couple of weeks, or at least try to!

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