Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Chasers, study, and rain...

The preparations for the royal wedding have moved up a few paces as the time draws nigh.  In Australia, we are in the interesting and curious position of the ABC having to cancel the Chasers show about the wedding.  An interesting con-undrum... It seems that there are conflicting ideas/parties in the palace about what is a suitable media approach - the broadcast over youtube versus 'lets keep it within the family control' stance. Regardless, it is very strange that a single show has been singled there a history here.  Also, are there fears that it will turn into another 'Diana' circus. The decision will never make sense unless we have a little more information...

I am in the study today (again) putting the final touches now on three assignments for submission tomorrow:):) I find this part of the process the hardest - you are usually over the piece you are reviewing and yet have to really focus...silly errors costs lots of coffee coming up today for Dougal and me:)

As I look outside of my study window it is raining - not hard but sort of snowlike misty falls...I was aiming to do a little mowing today to make the place look nice for Andrew's return on Sunday....ah know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men:)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why are clouds grey?...

Early start at uni today to make up for Easter Break and public holidays...but I made good progress on my three assignments so they will be ready to hand in by Monday - yeah!!!

There's a a great post on the ABC Science website is about why clouds are grey.  It seems that is related to how refracted light passes through the clouds.  The link is check it out – its interesting.  I have put some of my cloud pictures below:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quiet day at home...

Dougal and I have only 5 days left before we see Andrew again and we are looking forward to picking him up from the airport.  With that in mind, I am making a concerted effort to be as up to date with my uni work as I can and will spend the day doing final checks on three assignments:):) Once these are out of the way, the research begins for the final assignments due in June - I figure it is worthwhile starting early as I know in the lead up to the end of the semester, things will get a tad hectic...

I thought about this poem and how at the end of June, I will have time to walk on the beach and smell the ocean spray:):)


I walk along the

     empty beach

          catching the rhythm, as

             waves gently



The breeze moves

      through my hair, refreshes

          my tired soul

              as I reach

                   into my dreams


     flow in

         on the sand

            hard beneath my feet

                 but I feel them flow

                        through my mind, feel the wind

An enveloping peace as I

      walk along, my body slows to

             the ancient rhythm of the waves

                   floats in time, timeless

                          serenity reaches out

                            and gathers me up. ã

Monday, April 25, 2011

Environment, plastic bags, study and knitting...

An article on the ABC Environment section talks about the problem of too many plastic bags. It reminded of a study I did last year for a uni assignment – we had to review the documentary “ADDICTED TO PLASTIC: THE RISE AND DEMISE OF A MODERN MIRACLE”. The documentary, directed by Ian Connacher, shown on Thursday 18 June 2009 by the Australian Broadcasting Organisation was filmed over a three year period in 12 countries and told the stories of the scientists looking at the impact on marine life in the Pacific Ocean, the local communities impacted by the dumping of plastic waste, and some of the people involved in schemes to recycle or re-use plastic. The main points covered in the documentary were: (a) scientists’ concern about the increasing amounts of plastic being found in the oceans, particularly, the Pacific Ocean (North Pacific Gyro) which is increasing toxicity levels in marine life, and (b) the increasing rate of plastic production and consumption, and the problems this is causing in disposing of plastic waste. The mix of stories covered in ‘Addicted to Plastic’ confirmed that the issue of plastic waste is a major trans-border issue causing a range of environmental and social and cultural problems.

The ABC post “Where the roads are paved with plastic By Mridu Khullar Relph ABC Environment | 18 Apr 2011 Link talks about and Indian man named Ahmed Khan who with his brother founded a company that now mixes the plastic bags with road making surfaces. Results so far indicate that these roads withstand the monsoons and might have an application for Australia. Although not everyone aggress with his approach at least someone is thinking outside of the square. I have put the link up so you can check it out for yourself...

I made good progress yesterday on my assignments - have to do final reads this morning before getting out to mow the lawns this afternoon.  But last night, I started a knitting project - I have some lovely wool and finally got organised enough to pick a pattern and make a start:):) yeah its feels so good to do something creative.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Measles, art, assignment on paracriticism.... and Syria.

What is happening in Syria? how awful that people at a funeral have been fired upon...doesn't common sense tell these people that you won't win hearts through the fear factor!

Andrew and I spoke last night and he told me that his Mother's 90th birthday celebrations look like they are going to be a fantastic affair with many family members travelling from all over the world to be with her.  But, he said that one part of the family might not be able to join them as one of the little boys has measles.  I didnt think anything of it other than - ahh what a shame... but this morning when I checked out the ABC news there was an article about the increase in measle cases in Europe.  Have a look if you are interested in how much of an increase there has been from 2010 to 2011. "The World Health Organisation is concerned about a surge in the cases of measles in Europe this year. The organisation says not enough children are being vaccinated for the disease, known mainly for its itchy rash, but which can be deadly."  – link

Dougal and I plan to spend the morning in the study as I have to finsih an assignment on Paracriticism.  I managed to make good progress on the close reading assignment yesterday, so with luck, I may be able to have this afternoon off to do other art...or even cooking:):) hell no, lets do art, I have just remembered I don't cook for myself:):)

Just a couple of photos below from our holiday last year:)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Saturday...Syria...Study...and poetry

The weather is beautiful and the morning is fresh and bitey and Dougal and I are starting our day warmly and safely esconced in the study.  Lucky me.  Sadly, this morning on the news we learn that "...Unconfirmed reports from Syria say dozens of people have been killed as security forces tried to quell the latest outbreak of pro-democracy demonstrations..."

Wish people in Syria could be as safe and lucky as we are:):)

I am well on the way now with building my poetry collection - today's poem is about Autumn...


As I look upon the garden now,

a mellow sun shines.

The leaves have begun their Autumn Fall

their colours reflect the changing season.

The feeling is one of peace

a languid pace is set.

The summer flourishing is done

no more frenzy under a torrid sun.

Oh, there is still work to do

of that no doubt.

Somehow though, it's not so hard

for that mellow peace surrounds my heart. Ó

Friday, April 22, 2011

Plans for the long weekend:)

Dougal and I have lots - most of it involves working on assignments in the study but I do have a couple of social events to look forward to as well.  One of the books I am currently working on for a close reading assignment is The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.  Great read:)  The book is about racial beauty and how beauty is defined, and what the impact can be on a person's psche if they are either deemed or think themselves ugly.  This book was written in the seventies and the myth of beauty is still causing havoc in society where people, both male and female, want to be thin, tanned, and accepted because they are beautiful.  Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve one's self, but to connect such action with being loved and accepted, or acceptable, that is not so good.  One's value as a human being should not be connected with skin colour, weight, or background.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poem for the day:)


Thought I would have a creative space day today - just to take the mind away from the study:):)


As I look upon the garden now,

a mellow sun shines.

The leaves have begun their Autumn Fall

their colours reflect the changing season.

The feeling is one of peace

a languid pace is set.

The summer flourishing is done

no more frenzy under a torrid sun.

Oh, there is still work to do

of that no doubt.

Somehow though, it's not so hard

for that mellow peace surrounds my heart. Ó

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carbon tax...truth or myth...

I am learning at uni about some of the regulatory instruments and various measure that can be put in place to move us along the path to actually deal with climate change.  But, I am very disappointed in how badly the Gillard Government is dealing with providing information on some of the reasons why a carbon tax would be a good FIRST step and some of the other initiatives that are in place. The Federal Government has set up a $500 million National Clean Coal Fund to assist the National Clean Coal Initiative. The fund will be used to support activities and investments worth $1.5 billion in cooperation with the industry's Coal21 initiative. The COAL21 Fund is raising over $1 billion over 10 years through a voluntary levy on coal production.[1] The former NSW Labor Government also committed $100 million over four years to the Clean Coal Fund[2] and Queensland is investing heavily in clean coal-fired generation initiatives by providing $300 million in a joint venture with the State’s coal mining industry which will provide $600 million (over ten years) for the accelerated development and deployment of low emission coal technologies. These are the same companies now seeking a free ticket to ride!

The photo from the ABC Environment website.  
Dougal and I have a busy day planned...back in the study today, finalising one of the assignments and working of two others...mmm...must not forget to listen to that lecture:):)

Have a great one yourself...

Lookin' forward to July:):)

[1] Australian Coal Association Coal 21 and Other Initiatives accessed online 10 April 2011 <>
[2]New South Wales Government Climate Change Fund Annual Report, accessed online 10 April 2010>

Monday, April 18, 2011

Planets and black holes...and no time to paint...

The photo below is from the ABC science website and the post is about black holes "Planets orbiting inside a black hole would have to contend with huge tidal forces and massive energy densities." the link is check the site out there are some really wonderful photos there:)

spinning black hole

The photo above is one of my favourite (at the moment) flower shots and I just love the colours.  Dougal and I didnt get any time to paint yesterday.  I made a great start on my essay but it took longer than I hoped it would and then I had reading to complete before today's class... so all in all it was a very productive day - just not very artistic.  Never mind, these photos will still keep on inspiring (as does the one above) until end of June, and then watch out easel:):)

Coudn't resist one more "...Astronomers say they have found the first Earth-sized world circling its mother star at a distance suitable for life. It also has good prospects for liquid surface water..."  are they searching for another nirvana... the link is the same as the link for the first photo:):)  have a good one.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is anybody listening?

Is anybody listening?

Another good post on the environment from the ABC Ockham's Razor website (link
Arthur Marcel llecturer as Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane was speaking about global warming and he compared the circumstances surrounding the sinking of the Titanic to issues surrounding global warming.  At the end of the talk he says that "Apart from various expectations of divine deliverance, if they think about it at all, most of the Earth's passengers seem to be placing their faith in future technology. Certainly, global warming is open to a technical fix. However, this fix is not the lifeboat kind. The technological solution is to avoid hitting the iceberg altogether by rapidly reducing the amount of carbon being pumped into the atmosphere and removing a lot of what is already there. This simple solution is, however, getting little support and with each passing day its viability is diminishing. There is little wonder that the ranks of informed, rational, but deeply pessimistic observers of the progress of the good ship Earth are growing." Is somebody listening out there?

I just love space pictures this one is also from the ABC science site:)

Dougal and I have been working hard, mowing, studying and weeding.  Well last night I had to watch a movie for a uni subject.  The movie "The Colour Purple" was made in 1985 - good story....have we changed though?

Today I have to start a new essay - I have done the research and readings so I actually do have an essay plan - how about that:):)  I hope you have a good day too...

The photos below were taken last week and I just love the colours - my aim today is to make good progress this morning on the essay and do some art this arvo:):)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It is all down to the cows....and now we know, sketching and painting.

Well accordingly to an airline magazine article which someone kindly send me a copy of this week...climate change is all down to the cows. To quote "Air transport produces 2% of global CO2 emissions. But it might surprise you to know that this is actually less than the CO2 produced worldwide by cattle."
Source: Singapore Airlines flight magazine...The article or one page ad is very short and states that the airlines are partly responsible for climate change but they are doing their bit.  The heading in the ad said " Danger CO2W,  Very clever but isnt it sad that they still insist on shifting blame.  I took the picture below last year while on holiday:):)

Dougal and I had the morning off study and I went into town to buy groceries and catch-up with the ladies from weaving.  They are an amazing group of creative people...we spent some of the morning viewing the work that people had brought to show and tell...and let me tell you it really made the creative juices yearn and burn.  I love my study and will finish this particular degree at the end of June (touch wood) but I am so looking forward to having time to paint, and weave, take lots more photographs, and write...

 This is a sketch that I stared awhile ago and can't wait to finish

 This is a painting that I decided after a lot of umming and ahhing to have framed and I am really glad I did, I get such a happy feeling whenever I look at it - it's a colours thing I think:):)

These are the colours that are inspiring me now to go and paint:):):) maybe I will take an hour or two out this afternoon.   It is very cloudy outside so maybe I wont get out to do the outside chores:):) ah well..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The continuing climate change debate

It continues, the climate change debate and while it does we are moving ever closer to not being able to sort out the major problems we are creating.  The world has already reached a dangerous tipping point for the health of its climate and environment. Emissions need to peak by 2015 and then drop rapidly in order to make any substantial difference to the environmental impact caused by climate change. Federal, state and local governments in Australia are aware that energy emissions are increasing and that there is a need to make the transition to renewable energy. A number of measures to help reduce emissions have been put in place but there is still no agreement on implementing a national approach. By all means, let us keep questioning why things are done the way they are, but lets now start to act - before its too late:):)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Revedoa: In between....

Revedoa: In between....: "I am in between assignments, in between indoor chores and outdoor chores and my mind was going a little spacious yesterday. I felt the..."

In between....

I am in between assignments, in between indoor chores and outdoor chores and my mind was going a little spacious yesterday.  I felt the sudden urge to get creative, spend time writing, painting and weaving...yes I set up the loom and have not been able to touch it since...  Dougal follows me closely around as I flit from one room to the next 'doing stuff'.  Today I have decided that I need to have a break from study...I have almost finished a major assignment but need to leave it for a couple of days before doing the final edit.  And I am now well on the way with another assignment.  A close reading of the book The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison....powerful book.  So Friday is the day - I am off to town to catch-up with friends and recharge the batteries:):) 

Last night Dougal and I listened to some great music by Alicia Keys songs in A minor. Fantastic cd and we finished the night with 100 classical love songs compilation cd....nice, went to bed and slept for 7 hours:):) Andrew is away for another 2 weeks:)

Photos today are of the ocean and all its glory....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Revedoa: Sunrises....

Revedoa: Sunrises....: "Dougal and I are early risers and we managed to get some photos the other morning. I took a little time out yesterday and transferre..."


Dougal and I are early risers and we managed to get some photos the other morning.  I took a little time out yesterday and transferred them to the they are, and I hope you enjoy them.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Revedoa: Trying it out, Dougal, and a morning off from stud...

Revedoa: Trying it out, Dougal, and a morning off from stud...: "Don't you just love how entrepreneurial companies can be, after all who wants to pay a great big new tax. Well obviously some major pl..."

Trying it out, Dougal, and a morning off from study:) yeah...

Don't you just love how entrepreneurial companies can be, after all who wants to pay a great big new tax.  Well obviously some major players in the emission wars don't.  Check it out - I am still a tad p..o.. 

LNG giants push for carbon tax exemptions

By Alexandra Kirk
Australia's booming oil and gas sector is ramping up its campaign to be exempted from Labor's carbon tax.
Resources giant Woodside says the use of liquid natural gas (LNG) helps to cut global greenhouse gases, and so deserves special consideration.
The LNG industry is currently building $90 billion worth of projects, with another $90 billion to be signed off around the same time as the Federal Government wants Parliament to pass the carbon tax. Link

This is what we will lose if we dont start caring for our environment properly...

Dougal is now lovely and fluffy and clean and very loving after I gave him lots of treats to make up for having to have his bath.  He is I am perched...he is sitting on the chair behind me as I type this very generously allowing me to share his space.  A friend once told me that Dougal is very kindly letting us share his doggie kennel.  I laughed at the time...but I think he was right...ah well.

I am having the morning off from study as I have to go to our local library to track down a book to help with this weeks assignment.  I might just do a little shopping as well....gotta have some retail therapy to get me through the long lonely hours spent in the study. Wait...did I say lonely, I lie.  The hours go so fast I barely know what day of the week it is, except that this week is a mid semester break and I have a chance to get ahead on my readings:):)

Think I might start using some music to help out mmm...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The many voices of the climate change debate, Dougal and yes, more study...

On the The ABC Drum blogspot, there is a very important post on the climate debate and who we should trust in regard to coming up with measures to reduce emissions.  The thrust of the article discusses how we value the credentials of some of the more prominent people involved and that we are dealing with some uncertainty.  But, that doesnt mean we should not act, we know enough to know that we are having a negative environmental impact on the planet.  The post is definitely worth a look:):) the link is How science lost its voice on the... the picture below is from the ABC site as well - great isnt it...

Poor ol' Dougal is a tad wet and bedraggled this morning after his bath.  He loves the attention he gets but hates getting wet....I will make it up to him later, when he dries:):) and he will look like he does below this afternoon:)

Study, well today we are making progress, I have almost finished a good draft of one assignment and am now about to do some reading for another...its times like now, that I am not sure if I should continue and complete the draft, or take a break from it, and get on with the new assignment....choices....choices....choices:):)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Climate change, the Tarkine, Dougal's countdown and yet more study...

There are a couple of very interesting posts on the ABC website about the environment.  Firstly, the story about Professor Garnaut's call to have intelligent discussions about the climate change debate and get on board with the program.  "Professor Garnaut called the climate change debate "a contest between knowledge and ignorance". ( - The link is below

The second post is about the Tarkine which I have blogged about before.  Action needs to be taken to save the Tarkine from a Melbourne-based resources company testing the viability of mining for magnesite in north-west Tasmania.

Dougal has decided that I am not paying enough attention to him.  Last night, after finishing in the study at about 8pm'ish, we sat down to watch a favourite movie to relax the mind.  Well from the moment the movie started he decided to play ball, to run around barking at the trees swaying in the breeze and generally make his presence felt.  He achieved.  I knew he was there.  I told him so.  And a great night was had by all!  We are friends again this morning and he is now snugly sitting behind me on the chair, or rather , I am perched on the end to accomodate him...we are friends:)

Study.  I enjoy it.  I hate it.  I am wounded by not achieving what I want to. And I do this voluntarily.  But.  We are about to enter week 7 of the course, only 5 left to go and then the exams.  But.  I figure that if I make it that far I know I will survive the exam period. Conversations with myself are not always this interesting:) I think its time to go shopping (sigh) no gotta study...