Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exams, the world, and Dougal's coundown to day 0

One of things about being at uni is that you have assignments, essays, in class tests, take home exams and the big one, end of subject exams...  well I am now in the midst of writing two major essays, about to start another one today, and have to study tonight for an in-class test tomorrow am.  On the way home after the test, my mind and heart will be saying thank god its friday, thank god its friday....but friday doesnt mean what it used to....gotta get on with the major essay that I am starting in just a minute, to submit it by next week.  So instead of saying thank god its friday, right now I'm thinking, thank god I have done most of the reading:):)

I must admit I have only listened to a couple of news reports this morning and I am a tad confused about the situation in Libya - I just hope it is sorted out soon.

Well this is the day before Andrew flies out to England. Dougal and I are getting more lonely each day.  As Andrew rushes around trying to sort out tickets etc. we are taking lots of notes on all the chores he wants us to do while he is away.  Important stuff like watering plants and feeding the chooks - so we will have the pen and notepad at the ready this afternoon as he takes us on the final inspection and debrief...

Dougal relaxing for now:):) 

We have a poem for the day - I think its sort of appropriate with Andrew going away for awhile...

Black Night

Black starry night, cold frigid

air betrays our presence

your arms around me

your mouth on mine

is this what heaven

feels like?

We walk along, time together

drawing to a close, we

both take a bow to the

inevitable, but do not

want this to

be goodbye.©

Have a good one:)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Libya, Japan, weaving and count Dougal's countdown to day zero...

Both the Japan nuclear power plant story and the unfolding events in Libya where the gains and losses of the rebels changes almost daily are two stories where we (the media viewing public) will never get to know the real beginning, middle and end of.  We see the highlights but only have spasmodic interface with the people on the ground...trying to live...while the world looks on...I really hope there are good outcomes for all involved but the number of people dying is hard to comprehend from behind a computer screen in a safe rural study in Australia.  I hope...I hope...I hope...

Dougal the dog is counting down the days before Andrew leaves - only two to go.  Never let it be said that animals dont know when something is up - this dog of ours is clamped like a magnet to our heels...  I have tried to explain to him that we will have to fend for ourself (remember I dont cook) and he just looks up at me with his big trusting eyes, wags his tail, and then wanders off to get his ball.  Poor thing, he just doesnt know what is ahead as we look after the chooks, mow, weed, study, write assignment papers and listen to online lecturs.

A lovely friend of mine is helping me get into weaving.  Yesterday she helped me set up a big loom.  I still have to finish threading up and then I can make a start. It will be nice to sit down for half an hour before I go to bed and do something relaxing:):):) gotta turn the mind off to get to sleep.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Japan, and 4 days to go...

Hi there

I have been having a look around some of the great blogs and found one that was writing about the French poet Renée Vivien.  Just click the link and it will take you there.  It does seem that many great artists have tragic and lives and yet produce wonderful paintings and writing. When I finish my studies this semester I will certainly follow-up on Renee Vivien.

4 more days left before Andrew leaves and I am really making the most of the cooked dinners.  Dougal (the dog), the chooks and myself are starting to feel a little deserted.  Isnt it funny, now that he is almost ready to go I want to go too:):)

The nuclear situation in Japan is still on the boil.  I do hope for the people's sake they get the situation sorted out soon.  I really dont feel that the real information is being passed on...what are the levels...and if they can get so high above the threshold, then why are they there?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday - very busy week ahead, support for renewable technology, no serious support.

We are off to a very busy start to the week. Andrew has to fly to England to see his Mother, who is in care, and has not been well.  She has decided that she does not want any more medical treatment so the family are all flying to England to be with her. In one way it is a sad occasion, but in another it is affirmation for her - her choices are being supported, and the family will be together for the first time in many many years...

That leaves me and the dog at home - Dougal will become a very busy companion helping with chooks, mowing, cooking (no I dont cook for myself), Dougal and I will lose a lot of weight while Andrew is away. 

Uni is ramping up and as I have a full load, my life outside the study is ramping down.  Only a couple of months left - then hooray:):):)

Enough of me...our world and its people seem to be in need of some sort of good news day...but you know there are lots of good things happening in small ways, and these are very important...there is still much beauty in the world. However, I am concerned that there is not enough action being taken on climate change by supporting reaearch and innovation, and implementing renewable energy projects.  In small pockets there are government grant programs etc but there is as yet no national strategy that is fully supported by the $'s needed.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

NSW Election outcomes and more study....

Well now we go over the results of the NSW Election and I am sure that it wont be long before the analysis begins...and let the blame game start.  My only concern is that when you look at the policies of the new Libs/National parties - they leave a lot to be desired in relation to looking after our environment.  From what I have read so far, indications that the policies will be a business as usual approach which will be manifested through: opposition to the Federal Government’s proposed Carbon Tax Scheme; focus on development in regional areas; and the contribution of the mining industry to the NSW economy.  Ah well, we will see how long the honeymoon period lasts:):) 

More study today, but, I am making progress.  I have completed two minor assignments and now have two major assignments underway, with a third almost ready to start.  I will dance a jig for sure when the semester ends, but meanwhile I love my hot chocolates, yummy biscuits and cake, and a glass of port before I go to bed.  Gotta stay sane:):):)

Poem for the day


The haunted face,
Eyes streaming,
From the ash and smoke.

The fear,
held in check,
by commands
shouted and hurled
on the run.

The fire,
Walls of flame,
70ft. high.
An invincible enemy.

People running,
Adrenalin pumping
Through tired aching
fearful bodies.
No time to think.
Thank God.

No rain in sight,
No respite.
From the hurricane winds
blowing day and night.

More trees are swallowed
By the 70ft. inferno.
A vicious unrelenting beast.
To face through human eyes.

He looks on now.
The firefighter.
No more he can do. Ó

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Voting today in the New South Wales elections and busy weekend studies

We are voting today in the New South Wales Elections and I have just been out and placed my vote.  As I have been doing my homeworkd for my environmental subject I have been checking out government funding for fossil fuel industry research and development and development of renewable energy technology.  And I have to say that the results are very disappointing.  The disparity between how the two industries are funded is enormous....we really need strong politicians that we can support to make much needed changes.

Study this weekend - I have several assignments due in the next few weeks and most are under control - just gotta get the research done...but I have put a couple more pictures of my paintings below:):):)  have a great one....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Politics, Japan,wer'e back on the air, and pictures of more paintings

So much happening in the world and not much of it good according to our media reports.  One thing I am happy about is the ongoing discussion/debate around carbon taxes in Australia, and consideration of nuclear power in Europe.  I hope that the disaster in Japan won't be wasted as an example of what can happen when we rely on power from a source that is 'so powerful'.  We are never really in control, its all an allusion and as I keep thinking to myself, nature is not a silent partner in our experiment...

We are now back on the air, there was a big flood event early in the week in our region.  We were cut off by flood waters in all directions for a couple of days and we had no power for over 28hrs.  Our place is okay but when I drove through town yesterday, the trail of destruction following the river breaking its banks at record peak levels was a little humbling to see.  Fortunately, no lives lost, just lots of damage and communities really getting behind each other...we human beings arent all bad:):)

I managed finally to take some more photos of my paintings, so I thought I would put a couple here for you to have a look at:):)

Have great day - I'm off to uni now....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Carbon Tax debate, Poem of the day and links

I have been following the carbon tax debate in Australia and have also started reading the Ross Garnaut Report.  Since the report was published in 2008, there have been several updates.  If you are interested the link is: 

I also took a few photos of lovely things growing in the garden - hope you like them they are not the usual flower pictures I like to post....

Poem for the day

I walk along the

     empty beach

          catching the rhythm, as

             waves gently



The breeze moves

      through my hair, refreshes

          my tired soul

              as I reach

                   into my dreams


     flow in

         on the sand

            hard beneath my feet

                 but I feel them flow

                        through my mind, feel the wind

An enveloping peace as I

      walk along, my body slows to

             the ancient rhythm of the waves

                   floats in time, timeless

                          serenity reaches out

                            and gathers me up. ã

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libya, Poem for the day, Lazy Sunday - no really, only working on one assignment:)

It is Sunday again, and pouring rain.  Not wanting to sound ungrateful for the lovely precipitation we have received, I would really love some sun.  Never mind though, its great incentive to be in the study, with a cup of hot chocolate and some nice bickies, and work on my uni stuff:):) 

Woke to the news this morning that there has been quite a lot of action in Libya - I just hope that the people dont have to suffer too much more... hanging onto power never has a pretty outcome!  Not forgetting Japan, I really hope the aid efforts can get in to the affected regions and supply people with much needed food and shelter.

Just wanted to post some happy-type photos today:):)

Poem for the day

Woman's Song

A woman's strength is her love
that she uses to nurture.
Her serenity is the
That from the dawn of time.

Reaches into the
As she sings a timeless
Her love envelops

A woman's spirit in
with rhythms of
Earth grows
and sustains.

A woman's voice reaches
through generations
is heard
by future

Who reach back, and
then have
their faces
to the future,
knowing love
as a constant. ©

Hope you have a great day  xxx

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Migrant Experiences and study and rain...

There is a great article on the Overland Literary Blog at

The article was about the Antithesis Festival in Melbourne with its main theme one about the real Greek people as opposed to the stereotypes we see in films and read in fiction.   Migrant experience are interesting for me as an older uni student studying English Lit, and the book ‘Loaded’ which is by a Greek author. As an English/Irish Migrant to Australia (a country I adore)  my (our) experience/s werent seen as important – we speak the same language…lol…problem is, Australia is nothing like England or Ireland…so isolation of self and culture did take place. Hope their fesitval gets bigger and bigger and gets lots of support:):)  Would'nt it be great if diversity was celebrated, and not seen as something to be feared.

I am in the study this weekend trying to get ahead with assignments for English Lit - one on the book Coonardoo by Katharine Susannah Pritchard and a poem by Wordsworth...all good fun - its raining outside so I dont have to feel guilty about not getting out there and working... The weather gods have decided that we need rain - and we have been receving rain on and off since last week.  Now we definitely are not complaining, but my house is now starting to look like a commercial laundry and I am having to rethink my wardrobe:):):)

Have a great day:):)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nuclear Energy debate, NSW Politics, and life in general

I declare my interests in a 'no nuclear energy path' for Australia.  Whatever ideological beliefs are in place in the no nuclear energy options/climate change/move to renewable energy options debate, once we move down a 'nuclear energy path' we are committed.  It does not matter what Precautionary Principle risk management or regulatory systems are in place, there is always the risk.  The big issue with nuclear power is that innocent people/generations get caught up if there is a disaster. 

I agree with comments that it will be months before we really know the outcome of the situation in Japan but I am over being told one day that the situation is in control, and then, the next, that it is not.  Is the situation really oscillating in that way, or is it just the information/propaganda that is?

NSW Politics - wow, have we really reached the bottom of this never ending black pit of politics in NSW?  If the reports are to be believed, public servants are shredding sensitive records about the NSW Government as I write.  If I remember correctly, and I admit I was once a federal public servant, we had to ensure that our records/files were up to date, and accounted for/available.  Now this just didnt happen at election time, we had file musters a couple of times a year at least, and woe betide anyone who could'nt find that file they had been working on.  Wonder if Julian Assange is on the job?

Wonder what sotires these old rocks and tree stumps can tell:):)

Poem for the day


How can they be
So certain of what
I would like, they
Talk of perceptions

And yet they have
No idea of
What my heart

My heart longs to
Sing out in love
the rhythm flowing
through. ©

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nuclear energy debate and other stuff...

I have heard this morning that the nuclear problem is under control in Japan - my heart goes out to those people living with the uncertanties of situation.  But, I am pleased to see that the nuclear option as an alternate energy source 'debate' is back out in the open for discussion, particularly in light of Angela Merkel in Germany calling for a three month moratorium only (not sure if I have spelt that correctly) before she signs off on extending the life of ageing nuclear power plant infrastructure.  This is another big problem coming our way.  Our Earth is not a silent partner in our experiment!

I had a terrific day in Canberra yesterday - got to see my son, first time in a few months, so it was a special time.  Also got to see the new plants for Autumn planting and of course, new shoes, and new winter collections.  As I say, had a great time but back to reality today - more work needed on assignments. 'sigh'.

Poem for the day, do you know we only have one left to go for a collection of twelve:):)

Remnants of Pride

She watched a dream

crumble to dust

as she picked up

the remnants of


But pride is a sin, she

knew that too...but

pride would get her

through this day

till, the dark

She could take out the

shattered pieces of

her heart, no not able to feel

no tears left to cry

as she said goodbye

To a life...she had dreamed

of, not rich, not famous

but hers...a life with

no shame, where she

could hold her eyes toward the sky. ©

Monday, March 14, 2011

Early post for Tuesday

I am still finding the coverage on the current carbon tax debate ‘not quite riveting’, particularly in light of the terrible disaster that has struck Japan.  I am not saying that the earthquake and the tsunami are related to climate change but if you are interested in why we need to move forward, now, with the implementation of renewable technology, and not just keep on debating the issue, have a look at the following link for the Copenhagen Diagnosis Report available at  

I took the above photo of a beach near me and it is one of the reasons I keep banging on about the environment - I would like my grandchildren to still be able to enjoy it when they are old and grey:):):)

Poem for the day


She sits alone

frightened, in the fading light.

The tree stump, now as the sun dies

grows cold and damp.

The fields, losing their early friendship,

recede and merge with the blackness.

No-one had come looking for her.

How deeply she had hoped.

Her mother’s words,

sharp edges

clashing with each other inside her brain.

Their cuts deeply riven across her heart.

Words, only words.

But how else could the girl understand

“don’t ever come back again”?

head hung in shame

innocence not strong enough to fight

for her childhood, her tears dripped away with the shreds.©

Carbon tax, shopping in Canberra and mus'nt forget, Uni

Carbon Tax
Although at Federal, State and Local levels, governments in Australia have put in place a number of measures to help deal with environmental issues, there is still no agreement on implementing a national approach to either a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme.  The failure of the Rudd Government to win support for its Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, and the ongoing inconclusive debate on the economics of climate change mitigation measures, have resulted in a dilution of the need to improve the current selection of policies.  A carbon tax is just one initiative that the Australian Government can put in place now, to provide communities and businesses some about their future operating environment and to give them an incentive to implement their own emission reduction and energy savings measures.  Let's wish them luck! 

Shopping in Canberra
Well I have aired my views this morning about doing something concrete for the environment and tomorrow I am having a day off in Canberra.  It is time to catch up on new technology and check out a reasonably priced lap-top.  I am also looking forward to checking out the looks for the new season as winter approaches.  Do I feel guilty - yes, but I like to think I am doing my bit to support the local economy.

This semester I am studying 'the environment' and english literature.  I am really enjoying english lit but I have to say the more i learn about the doubt merchants, sceptics gallery and multi-national corporations and the fossil fuel industry, the more I quake in my boots about the future.  Thankfully, english lit keeps me sane.  I am currently reading Toni Morrison's "The bluest eye", a fantastic book about the concept of 'beauty' and the impact of being told either directly or indirectly, that you are not acceptable, or pretty, of being 'othered'.  Morrison is a great writer, if you ge the chance, check it out, its not a long book and it is easy to read.

You will note that I am trying to be organised - its a carry over from trying to orangise my uni stuff:):)

Today's photo is from around the Wineglass Bay area in Tasmania - I know I keep posting photos of Tassie, but really, we have to stop them from just digging up the place for the mighty dollar.  Its my photo today - I will use more of Andrew's photos in the next few days - lovely husband to have that he is:):)

Poem of the day
There are only a couple of poems left to post till I have a collection of twelve - you will have to let me know if you want me to keep putting my poems on the blog after we reach the magic number:):)

Eyes of Shame

Curtains drawn over eyes of shame

what do they hide



Innocence betrayed, love torn asunder

reinvented and then hidden, to survive


Looking into the eyes of shame

what do they hide


Fear, guilt and knowledge of pain

hurry past

outside. ©

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Easy Sunday morning

Well I was going to start the post as I started the day, saying to myself "its Sunday - easy day" - but no, the pace just ramped up a notch! I am following the Japan story and really feel for the people involved in the tradegy.  The thing that has me a little concerned though is the issue of iodine kits to those people living close to the nuclear reactor that has suffered some sort of leak.   I really hope that the proponents of a nuclear future for Australia take note!  there is a great post on the future of the Tarkine Wilderness area in Tasmania on the ABC Drum Blog.  Having just visited near the Tarkine on our recent holiday I am really cranky to hear that there are now 3 mining projects awaiting approval for that area.  Have and look and leave your comments:)  our stupidity beggers belief sometimes!

Now to me - selfish I know:) I have at last made a real start on the book I have been trying to write now for years and I can't wait to get back to it.  Even to the point of turning down the opportunity to go 'shopping'...

So to make time for the writing, I have just finished the housework, will make us a cuppa and then into it!!!

I should just say that all the photos on my blog are mine - if I use anyone else's I will say:):)  Like this one for instance - it is one that my husband Andrew took of our holiday in Tassie - at the Hazards Beach in Freycinet.  Tasmania is a lovely spot - we must preserve it for our children!!!! generational equity...

To keep me on my toes - today's poem is:

Call to me


deep ocean


call to me



enfolding, mesmerising

merge with me



drowning my senses...sets me free.©  

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thoughts and feelings for those in Japan

Our thoughts and feelings go out to those people affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  It is hard to rationalise emotional responses to these events - I know what it is like to worry about friends and family caught up in the dervishes of existence.

The peom for the day - not many left to go now for our collection of 12:):)

The Nineties

Girls in sleek suits, matching

hosiery and shoes

boys in blue shirts and

teasing grins

make heavy impressions on

my mind.

Energetic, focussed, no time to


As you force your way up

to goals

set so high

I am part of this life too

corporate environments challenging


Many floors above carpark


trapping weary visions of perfectly

couturiered ensembles

as they fly up and down

the lifts

to feed the parking metre

machine. ©

Friday, March 11, 2011

Poets need to lighten up:)

I was reading the Overland Literary blog (link this morning and a post by Maxine Clarke caught my eye.  In response to one of the comments she said that “…many of us poets are too serious a bunch in general…we need to lighten up about ourselves and our work…” – mmm you know I feel really good that she posted this on her blog because I usually feel really bad that I love writing poetry, some serious stuff, but I still love shoes…and handbags…and going to the hairdressers:):) Now I know I am not the only one!

I re-posted this photo as I really would love to see something positive happening on a grand scale to help our environment.  Would you like to join me in starting a movement or something? - let me know what you think we can do!

Poem for the day


The distance between rhetoric and


The impact on lives of

                                       another’s words

Words are like swords

Action follows words

your words

impinge on

my life