Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Making sense questions...

I am trying to make sense of the News of the World saga and have concluded that given the sheer volume of phone hackings said to have been done by the paper, management must have known and approved.  Again my question is about what the police and other security agencies knew and let pass by. It was interesting to hear on the news this morning that the chap who ran one of the phone hacking investigations a few years ago ended up working on the newspaper as a columnist. what is the question again?

We got up early enough this morning to take a few sunrise photos. As the morning was very cloudy and overcast I had hoped to get some pretty specky shots...but, my battery ran out after only taking a few photos. I am now waiting for the battery to re-charge before I can see if the few photos I took are interesting (sigh)...time passes slowly when you are as impatient as I am to get on with things:):)

I have posted a few other photos below in the meantime and hopefully tomorrow I will have some of today's photos to share - let me know what you think:):)

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