Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The mining industry and the carbon tax...

Sounds like the title of a romance novel or play doesn't it.  The news today that two large mining companies are now interested in developing a small mine in Australia kind of takes the spin out of their argument about the carbon tax. After all, if the tax is going to cause job losses and mine closures to the degree the mining industry has said it will, then why would you invest millions of dollars in developing an old mine?  Just another little story that doesn't makes sense!

We have now finished painting the eaves - yeah!!! This morning I have time to spend in the study looking at my poetry collection and the calendar for next year as well as our income tax return. So, life starts to take on a new look:):)

When we went to get the paper yesterday to find out all about how the carbon tax affects us, the wind was up on the beach.  Managed to get a few of photos...hope you like them:)

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