Monday, July 18, 2011

Most of the garden beds are now resplendent with new pebbles surrounding the plants to help them retain water when it rains.  The only bad point is that in the process I have kind of damaged my nails and had to spend time shortening them this afternoon.  Not a bad thing really I guess but short nails have their own drawback I think - especially when opening the mail:):)

Mmm...what do you think of the News of the World (no longer) situation as it unfolds in England.  It is funny how in a short space of time the News of the World Newspaper has become the focul point of the news of the world.  Should Australia hold its own media enquiry do you think and if so, how can we prevent it from turning into a witch-hunt?  Let me know what you think:):)

I think I now have enough sunset photos to fill a file but you know I am still searching for that quintessential  photo. I think I will have to wait for summer to come though. 

I couldn't help myself as I took a few more sunset photos yesterday - let me know what you think:):)

Some of the colours surrounding and within the clouds are subtle but so starkly contrasted against the silhouetted foreground.


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