Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway...and new poems

My heart goes out to the people of Norway this morning as we listen to radio reports of the awful bombing and shooting incidents. I hope that the perpetrator/s can be caught quickly and that justice can then play its part.

Following a couple of days of 'memory burning and re-visitng poems' that I have written over the last few years, I have spent the last two days of this week adding these poems to the computer poetry-file.  The collection of poems is now quite large and I have enough material to start seriously selecting poems for the full steam ahead yeahhhh:):)

Uni starts back next week and I was able to download the readings yesterday thanks our hard-working tutor. I must admit I would love to be a tutor encouraging people to read, study, and grow but I don't think I would be any good at marking papers.  So my hat is off to those tutors who take on the role of encourager without a punitive or superior than thou approach.

Once the chores are finished this morning we are going to have a quick cuppa and then head out to take some photos of the pounding waves that have been part of the storms and rain we have experienced this week.  We are quite close to the ocean and we want to see the huge swells that we have been listening to all week as they crashed against the coastal stretch near us .  Nature is truly amazing...

Meanwhile, here are more photos of sunsets:):)

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