Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Collins Class Submarines enquiry, and more 'burning the memories' activities...

One of the stories on the ABC website covers the Collins Class Submarines as the Defence Minister (Smith) announces another review into the $6b fleet.  This link is below for you to look at.  The newstory is interesting and after so many years and other reviews my one question is, if. as the story points out, we have only had one submarine available for most of the time, and we don’t appear to have needed the six subs, why do we have to replace the one sub that works with a further 12?

Well after my 'burning the memories' day yesterday I have been doing more of the same today. It is still wet and cold and therefore inside jobs prevail.  I have now been through all of my papers and managed to scale down to only three folders instead of about ten. So my life, for the last thirty years, is now in three folders. What a great concept to start a story with. Think I will have a go:):)

I am going out tomorrow to take more photos as, according to the weather man, there are going to be huge seas around our way - can't not capture that:):)

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