Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Major Essay Assignment

Outside its a lovely day - a mixture of sunshine and cloud and cool temperatures.  I am whiling away the time by working the keyboard very hard, almost exhausting the backspace and undo keys while I think up the structure for my next essay. 

The chickens (otherwise known as the Walker Sisters) are very happy with the green pick they received this morning, Dougal the doggie is allowing me to share his seat as I write this post.  So why am I procrastinating yet again?  Well, I am waiting for the cricket to start and for inspiration, or the muse to arrive and help me out! That's why I guess.

That said, the topic is Ursual Le Guin's A Wizard of Earthsea.  I am prevaricating between loving the concepts she uses in the book (like True Name Magic) and wishing that there was more dialogue between the characters. 

For pleasure I have just finished reading the 2nd and 3rd Steig Larsen's 'Lisbeth Solander' trilogy.  I really enjoyed the third book, particulary the little snippets about women in battle, and the Amazons. These preclude each chapter, and Larsen questions why their stories, in the main, have not been captured in history; but my thought is that have they - been captured that is!

Well no more slacking for me - back to work:)

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