Thursday, January 13, 2011

Power cut and stuff

We are in a bit of a rush this morning at our place as the power is being cut at 9am.  So we have filled a big saucepan with water (we have gas cooking) which means we can at least have a cuppa.  We will then go into town to do some food shopping and maybe work in the garden.  Of course, we are expecting rain, so there is always a chance that the power wont go off, but we have to wait and see.

For us, it is in truth an inconvenience, I wont be able to work on my essay (so sad, so glad) but how can we even think of complaining as we listen to the reports on the ABC about those people in Qld flood affected areas, not even having homes and business, let alone power or sewerage.  The scale of these floods is immense and from down here on the Far South Coast, very hard to imagine. 

Is this where I say, there but for the Grace of God?


  1. Hey Olga, Amy Caddy here! So glad to see you're using your blog. doing much better than I am!

    Hopefully see you next time I'm visiting dad. :)

  2. Hey Amy

    How are you? I am really enjoying blogging. Have you settled in at W yet? Hope everything goes well for you and look forward to catching up next time you are here:):)