Thursday, January 6, 2011

Research and Gardening

Today is overcast and we have had a couple of smizzle type showers that I have been trying to avoid as I work in the garden.  I am the under-gardener here and I help the head-gardener by mowing and edging.  The mowing is finished as I have now run out of mower fuel, but the edging, that's another matter.  So on went the hat and the gloves and outside I went this morning with the little hand shears.  Got lots done, had a yummy lunch and now I am in the study about the start researching the essay!  Well about to start!

Through all of my activities today I have been listening to the Cricket - should I turn off, maybe the Australian team might do better?
I have attached one of the photos taken just before Christmas on a bushwalk around South Bunga Beach - gotta love the Far South Coast!

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