Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NSW Power, writing that novel etc

Well the 2nd tranche of NSW power sell offs have been stalled - which is a good thing.  Why am I not happy then?  I think it must be to do with not knowing what Barry O'Farrell's plans are and that we now have a mixture of public/private ownership - not always a good outcome.  Regardless of who a companies partners are (ie government) they need/want to make a profit.  Call it scepticism if you want, but you would think by now, with all of the 'in Australia' and 'overseas' examples we could be drawing on we wouldn't keep making the same mistakes! You would think!

On to more cheery events - I started this blog to not only comment on poltics etc. but to also get into the habit of writing everyday.  I want to write that big novel!  I have some ideas in mind and I have made it to the point where I can seriously start putting these down on paper and start planning the storyline:):)  This will be done in conjunction with another project I have started, re-writing a book I wrote a few years ago.  So in the afternoon heat I will sit in the study and start typing today - wish me luck:):)

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