Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The role of the media, leaving for th holiday, and the next picture

I am really interested in understanding what the role of today's media really is.  There just doesnt seem to be any links to the tenets it started with ie 'freedom of the press to report the truth'.  The case in point is this silly gaffe by Tony Abbott.  All concerned have said that the words were taken out of context and yet the media continues to relay the story from bulletin to bulletin.  Surely there is something more urgent and interesting happening in the world to report.  But, maybe not.

We are heading off for two weeks and its raining.  Are we complaining = absolutely not, a holiday, is a holiday:):)

Again not much of a picture but I am still trying to work on that perspective thing:)  Have a great day and I will try and blog when i get the chance but as I dont have a laptop yet, I will be relying on public computer venues:)

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