Monday, February 7, 2011

Sorting out last minute paperwork, politics in NSW and the next picture

Have you ever tried to be as organised as you can before you go on holiday?  Well I am trying to be but it seems that the gods of 'no you can't' are winning the day, but they should not I won't give up! 

Politics in NSW is set to get even more interesting as we now enter the election phase before next month's confrontation between the voters and the 'would be politicans'.  My concern is that we are still waiting to hear what the policies from every persuasion are really going to be.

I really love this little painting because it shows how paint and water and paper can work together to produce some fantastic effects - all without my intervention.  This painting is watercolours wet on wet on fairly thick watercolour paper.


  1. Hi Olga,
    I think the "gods of no you can't" try it with a lot of us, sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. :)

    Yes the NSW election is not far away, I'm in QLD and we have a far bit of time before our election. I heard on the news last night, that Labor has started their campaign trail in NSW, so I'm assuming it won't be long before everyone gets nothing but politics.

    I love the colours on the paper, very pretty, and a nice effect I feel.

  2. Hi Mags, you are right - it won't be long before we will be 'over the election in NSW' - I look forward to the next few weeks:):)