Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wikileaks, the next picture and getting organised for the holiday.

It seems very odd that Swedish authorities are going to the lengths and expense they are to get Julian Assange back to Sweden.  Particulary as reported by the ABC, that prosecution lawyer, Ms Montgomery, dismissed defence arguments that "Swedish prosecutors were abusing the fast-track European arrest warrant process because they only want to question Mr Assange and have not yet decided whether to prosecute him." What is really going on here???

The picture I have done here is my first attempt to use perspective in my work.  I dont think its a very good picture but I was happy to be able to try something and see it work ie the road going off into the distance.  Now where is that road going?  Well that is up to the viewer to decide.  Me, I think it will take me to the next part of my life:):)

The lady in the lovely photo of hummingbirds above is Abagail xxxx of Pine, Louisianna who has been studying the hummingbirds as they come to her garden to feed.  Her husband took these lovely photos. 

I am almost organised for the holiday, just to finish packing, organise the esky, and refuel the car:):):) 

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