Friday, February 4, 2011

All the craziness in the world and Picture 2

It seems as if Egypt is about set to become a very serious situation and I heard on the news this morning that yet again foreign journalists are being targeted.  Wonder why!!!!!  The aftermath of the cyclone in Qld is the next hard event that people up there have to deal with...our hugs and good wishes are with them as they pick up the pieces.  If I wasnt going on holiday next week I think I would be looking to find out how I could volunteer to help.

Picture 2 - well its the first in a series of three pictures using felt tip pens on water colour paper.  The theme of the series is 'emotional responses to life issues' and the colours I have used are important to me - just not sure of the psychology behind this yet - but there you go:)


  1. I like this very much! Its amazing how a few simple artistic Ideas can bring about so many questions!
    Who is this person?
    What are they doing?
    what are they feeling?
    What is the meaning behind the way the artist painted/drew/colored them?

    In my opinion this is the beginning of a beautiful masterpiece

  2. Wow - you are really lovely to say that - thank you. Are you interested in writing / painting etc? I love the blogosphere, people are so supportive and positive:):):) Take care O