Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have been trailing around the blogosphere over the last couple of days when it has been too hot to work outside.  I found some pretty darn wonderful blogsites = lots of talented people brave enough to post pictures of their work.  As I am working on my new book now (yeah:):) ) I though it was also time for me to put it out there and post a few photos of my own paintings.  So the picture below is the first.

Constructive feedback is welcome:):)


  1. Keep of the hard work!!! I am a writer and I have to believe that if you work hard for someting you can achieve it! Good Luck and glad to meet you. :-)

  2. Hi there

    Nice to meet you too - and good luck with your writing - are you working on anything at the moment? I am now retired and slowly learning in my getting older period (which I am very happy to be experiencing after surviving breast cancer at 50) that you don't have to accept 'no' for an answer, but that you can keep trying other avenues, but to also keep an open mind and let things develop:):)

    Take care