Friday, June 24, 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

There is always something interesting going on the art world. For example, the documentary, link below, (discussed on the Overland Blog) which can be seen at the Sydney Film Festival sounds like a 'must see' if you are interested in art. I hope it becomes available on dvd for those who can't get to a screening.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Dir: Werner Herzog

In 1994 three French speleologists discovered a cave hidden behind an old rockslide in southern France. Inside they found a particularly beautiful cave with rock paintings eventually dated to 32 000 years before the present. They are the oldest known cave paintings, preserved so well because of the rockslide protecting what was once an open cave from the elements, animals and humans. It is called Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave after one of its discoverers, Jean-Marie Chauvet, and a natural rock arch nearby.

We are making progress on our eaves and have now put up the fibro sheets on three sides of the house.  The last side will be completed next week and then all that remains is for me to do the final coat of paint...yeah:).

The days are lovely at the moment and on Sunday we are planning on a bushwalk so I am hoping to have some interesting photos to show you next week:)

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