Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fukoshima...the continuing saga...

The continuing saga of Fukoshima - Call it my scepticism about the media - if it is in the media it must be right, right -  well we know that it depends on who controls the media doesnt it? So what you say...well I note that in reference to Fukoshima that the Japanese Government is at last releasing information about what may really have happened in the disaster. It is not a matter of playing the blame game, but unless there is a flow through of information we will be unable to deal with any impacts from nuclear accidents like this one.  It is all about helping those who have been or may be affected. If the topic is of interest, then check out the ABC website - story and link is below for you:)

Japan raises spectre of Fukushima 'melt-through'
By North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy
By North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy
Melt-through fears: Authorities have suggested the situation may have gone beyond a meltdown. (AFP/Jiji Press)For the first time, Japanese authorities have suggested the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant may have gone beyond a meltdown.

Today it is pouring rain so no more weeding until later perhaps.  Got lots done yesterday though and last night actually sat down and read a book for pleasure for the first time in ages:):)  I am posting the photos below as I just love the colours of nature and wanted to share it with you:):)

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