Thursday, June 30, 2011

The universe...

I have been fascinated by the stars ever since I can remember and when I get a few minutes spare, I check out the ABC Science website for news about our galaxy.  I have also have to admit that I really love the images and you will find the image below at the following link: The story is about the possibility that underneath Saturn’s iceball moon’s frozen surface there maybe an ocean:)

I spent yesterday weeding, moving small pebbles to a garden pond and cleaning my car.  I have to complete the pebble moving and weeding today, but it occurred to me that I am not able to let go of the chores that I think need to be done and actually allow myself the time needed to write and paint.  I have several projects that are calling to me but to no avail.  I have promised myself that on the weekend I will make a start.  Although it is hard for me to leave the 'outside' outside, I have actually done a tiny amount of work on the poetry collection. I wonder if it is possible for me to try to make it a number one chore and see if that works:):)  Does anyone have any advice on this issue:):)


  1. Hey Olga,

    These photos are amazing!! And the thought that there might be an ocean underneath saturn... Wow... Anyway, I also feel stretched with things I have to do and things I need to do. I guess that is the struggle of life ;)

    Hope you find the time to get everything done!

  2. Hi there

    Thank you for your lovely comments - it is nice to receive feedback on the photos. I am lucky really to be able to complain about the things I do:):)