Monday, June 27, 2011

Taking on the big end of town...

Well it looks like the Federal Government is going to take on the big end of town...aka...the tobacco industry in this instance. I actually support the move towards brown paper packaging for cigarettes...but not for the sake of would be smokers alone, but because it is time to put international business cartels on notice that there are at least some governments who won't be bought off.  The issue of smoking is an emotive one...and at the end of the day whose choice should it be and whose right is it to make the decision about whether to smoke or not to smoke...or have we moved beyond asking those questions?

We actually went on a small bush/beachwalk yesterday in a new walking area for us and we managed to take some good photos of the pelicans, seagulls, clouds, the ocean, and a small wetland area.  I will post a few of these photos over the next few days:):) Another great thing to come out of yesterday's little sojourn apart from the wonderfulness of the places we visited is that a couple of photos will be good enough we think for our 2012 calendar:):)

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