Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Live Export the Government finally listening to the people?

Is the Government listening to the seems like it is, but I really wonder. The 4 Corners story last week about the Indonesian abbattoirs was truly awful and I was glad to learn this morning that the live export of cattle to Indonesia has been suspended for now. The interesting question is what is the Indonesian Government thinking about the issue. There is a problem when people only focus on the economics involved like the Brisbane man interviewed by the ABC this morning who wasnt a bit concerned about the cattle and how they are treated but the dollars that would be lost. I would think though that most people in Australia would rather their tax dollars went to supporting farmers as they look for new ways of doing business and new markets with more humane track records than pouring billions of dollars into Defence for the purchase of 12 submarines. Which by the way, no one has really adequately explained due to security classifications.

Anyway, moving right along, today we are working in the garden. Lots of weeding to catch-up on before I head off to Canberra next week after my exams. 

Thought I would put up some more pictures of a not too long ago holiday in England where we found that there are still some very English scenes of bluebell filled wooded areas and fields of ripening wheat:):)

Have a good one:):)

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