Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carbon Tax debate, BP drilling plans, study and....

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Excciting things - well possible exciting things are about to happen as the carbon tax debate is about to explode with the new ad campaign happening this week. The campaign features Cate Blanchett amongst others so there is hope that we will finally start to get some action happening to tackle global warming....

As I was checking the news out yesterday (I know I was supposed to be studying) anyway I saw this story - its a worry when a company like BP which has already caused so much havoc is still allowed to run riot with our environment....maybe more of us that disagree with what is happening need to go into politics...the link is
Speaking of study - well I have nearly finished the Executive summary for the group project, its out with the other team members now to make sure they are happy with what I have said...then its finished...yeahh:) I have also finished (all bar the final edit check) a Major English essay, then there is just the exam.... so almost there.  I have been checking out some of the other blogs around the blogosphere and let me tell you there are some pretty amazing sites out there - its such a creative space and place:):)

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