Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the giant 'sleeper'...poetry and images

University lecturers and tutors will be heartened to hear that students do actually learn from their time studying and form their opinions based on that learning.  Over the past couple of weeks in my environmental class we have touched briefly on sustainable agriculture, housing, and PEAK OIL.  I understand totally that greenhouse gas emissions have to go down...but did you know that a giant 'sleeper' is about to wake up and hit us for a six.  Apparently the International Energy Agency has revised its findings about peak oil dramatically over the last couple of years, which was followed up recently on the ABC show Catalyst.  The link is below and I have to say that it is worth tuning into:):)

Real Oil Crisis
What would happen if the world were to start running out of oil? Conventional wisdom says we’ve got 30 years, but there’s a growing fear amongst petroleum experts it’s happening much sooner than we thought – that we are hitting the beginning of the end of oil now. So how soon will the oil run out, and can we stop our economy collapsing when it does? How prepared are we for the real oil crisis?

the image is also from the story:)

I am going to try and match more of my photographs with the poems with images - so what do you thing about these:)

Woman's Song

A woman's strength is her love
that she uses to nurture.
Her serenity is the
That from the dawn of time.

Reaches into the
As she sings a timeless
Her love envelops

A woman's spirit in
with rhythms of
Earth grows
and sustains.

A woman's voice reaches
through generations
is heard
by future

Who reach back, and
then have
their faces
to the future,
knowing love
as a constant. ©

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