Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Next round of assignments...rainy days...

I have now started on the next round of assignments and have found out the times etc for the exams so I am feeling a little organised...that is till I start looking at what I have to do... we are in week 9 and only till week 14 to go - so time will pass quickly and I only have to hang in till then...then...it is party time bigtime. 

We are in the midst of a rainy cycle - we had 9mls last night, so not enough to flood us in or anything, my only grievance is that I have three loads of washing that Andrew brought home with him to try and dry...maybe the study is not such a bad place to be after all....

Because there has been no time for creative pursuits I am reaching back into my poetry collection which I am hoping to organise soon...I would like to be able to match my poems with some photos...can't wait to start:)


As I watch the crashing waves against the golden sand
my thoughts turn inwards, to the rolling and crashing
of memories and emotions jumbled in a whirlpool waterfall

Down... down in the deep dark abyss I have been
submerged in the depths and almost drowning
in an emotional waste-land, I gasped for sanity

For me, time became an ephemeral dream
so unaware of the reality of life
it passed me by, while I floated in a fathomless vortex

Abruptly, violently...reality and I rejoined
to meet together and slowly begin the long journeyup,
painfully, impatiently, the surface beckoning

Sunlight glimpsed in tiny shards, ever showing the way
reason growing, the fear became a knowing
was I changed, am I me, emergence as deep as the journey©

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