Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Judgements on women and their clothing, stereotypes, and uni:):)

I have always been interested in women's fashion and the conversation around gendered stereotypes of women ie madonna/whore and how these are used in the media.  There is a great conversation going on at the ABC blog website - the link is below on exactly that topic. Have a look and get involved, it is about taking away the judgements made against a woman because of what she wears:):) Strutting the slut Written by Trish Bolton on 17-05-2011

Well, I have made progress now on three of my final assignments. I am about 3/4rs of the way through my ENGL assignment on Australia Fair and notions of dominant narratives, and what is meant by the term Australia Fair...hopefully I will know what it all means by the end of my essay:):) I like the idea that I am writing my knowledge as I go...

Working on images to photos - you know - I had a random idea yesterday that I would actually like to write some poems around some of the photos I have taken....yet more plans when the study is finished:):)


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