Monday, May 23, 2011

Volcanos, the Kenedy's and study...

Another powerful volcano has erupted in Iceland but it is not the same volcano that erupted last year and disrupted life in the EU.  It looks like there is a possibility that there will be some smoke and ash around later this week and I am glad I have no plans to fly anywhere. I find it interesting that we think we can control the world and I keep thinking (and saying) that nature is not a silent partner in all we are doing on this to the newstory is below...

I have always been fascinated by the Kennedy family and I do think Jackie Kennedy was beautiful.  I was looking at the ABC news site yesterday when I came across this story.  As I dont get televesion here I will have to wait until the dvd is released:

The Kennedys | ABC Television
The Kennedy's is one of the most controversial and compelling mini-series of the year. The series stars Greg Kinnear as John F Kennedy, Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, Tom Wilkinson as patriarch Joe Kennedy Jnr and Barry Pepper as Bobby Kennedy. It's the epic story of an epic family that lived a very public life through triumph and tragedy. We see the dominant role that Joe Snr played in the family, and the loyalty of sons Jack and Bobby. Trace JFK's growth from an inexperienced mishandler of events to a statesman and world leader, through crises like the Bay of Pigs, civil rights, the Berlin wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Well I have finished the follow up essay to the presentation and hope to submit it later today. That only leaves two major papers left, a blog assignment and an exam....yeahhh...I took the photos below last time I was in England. I just love bluebells and blue Irisis.

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