Monday, May 16, 2011

The wonders of the Art World...

The wonders of the art world, and I am not talking about that world of galleries and critics that is normally conjured up when you think of those words.  I am thinking about all of the creative people out there who are producing great art, and writers who are producing wonderful texts, and musicians who are gifitng us with wonderful music, and performers who show us their world through their bodies.  My wish to for today is that instead of spending $25.4b in Australia on Defence, how about we put a little part of that funding towards the arts so that people, young and old, can get out there and make and enjoy art...don't expect it will come true but its nice to have hope and who knows where that hope might end up living:):)

I am going to start matching images and poems soon, but I thought that as I have a few minutes before I leave for uni, I could try with this poem:):)


I walk along the

     empty beach

          catching the rhythm, as

             waves gently



The breeze moves

      through my hair, refreshes

          my tired soul

              as I reach

                   into my dreams


     flow in

         on the sand

            hard beneath my feet

                 but I feel them flow

                        through my mind, feel the wind

An enveloping peace as I

      walk along, my body slows to

             the ancient rhythm of the waves

                   floats in time, timeless

                          serenity reaches out

                            and gathers me up. ã

What do you thinK?....

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