Friday, May 6, 2011

Federal Budget, Defence Spending, the budget and more study:)

This year's budget is not looking pretty and it is all about marketing as Gillard and Swan spruke about some of the various policies that will be introduced. What caught my eye was this news story from the ABC website about Federal Govt plans to cut 1,000 civilian jobs from the Defence Department over three years.  What I would like to know is what areas the job cuts will cover.  From memory the Defence Budget is worth approx $25b so really, why cut 1,000 jobs over three years to save $300m? The link to the story is at

The sun is shining and the weeds are calling, and I haven't been shopping for ages...but no, I will be in the study this afternoon with my trusty companion Dougal.... hope you have a great day too.  Now it is not all bad, I am receiving regular information about the fashion shows in Sydney this week - I love fashion, even older ladies like to keep up to date without looking like 'try-hards'

Can't wait to start taking more photos:):)


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