Thursday, May 19, 2011

Presentation today:):)

I am doing a presentation to day on Avoiding Mr Right by Anita Heiss.  We were lucky enough to have Anita Heiss do yesterday's lecture at Wollongong, although, as we are at one of the Far South Campuses, the lecture wasn't sent to us by video conference and we had the usual audio lecture set-up only.  While that was disappointing, the lecture wasn't. It was great to hear an author talk about their book and some of the processes that writers have in place to ensure that their research is ethically based.  If you get the chance - have a look at the book - its a good read - and I learned a lot:):)

I am now working on my environmental project and drawing together information from the team members to write the Executive Summary:):) As students we are lucky or unlucky enough (depending on your point of view) to see some of the hyperbole play out around the climate change debate.

Wish me luck with my presentation this morning:):)

I love how every image can tell its own story:):)


  1. Lovely images. I read your comment on an Overland article (Slutwalk.) Thought you might be interested in this ...

  2. Hi there

    Thank you for the link - I am interested and will be doing more research on the Irish as it is such a strong part of me. I am really looking forwrd to exploring the artistic and literary aspects of the culture.