Sunday, May 15, 2011

We're back.....ongoing carbon tax, space, weddings, study....poetry

Unfortunately it seems that renewable energy did not do very well in the budget and the carbon tax seems to be on the back burner as a news story.  In fact the news I woke up to this morning was all about whether Julia Gillard might be getting married...I love weddings, but this news took priority over the news that there has now been 3 people die in the clean up at the the Fukoshima nuclear power plant - which seems to be still an unmitigated disaster. Ah well who am I to wonder about these things, if it is in the media it must be right, yes! ??

There is a great post on the ABC Science website (link below) about the moons of Jupiter.  Aparently, scientitis are able now to devise ways of measuring the size of the lava ocean on Io.  I love the astronomy space:):) "...The Jovian moon Io has a massive molten lava global ocean below the surface(Source: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/Galileo mission) Liquid centre Scientists say a global magma ocean lies just under the thin volcano and lava covered crust of the Jovian moon Io. Io is the most volcanic place in the solar system, constantly torn by gravitational tidal forces from Jupiter generating enough heat through friction to melt the moon's interior. The extent of this melting has been a long-standing subject of debate."

I am now in the process of writing my last three assignments.  I am waiting for information from the tutor about one of the assignments, another is a group project and I am waiting on more information from team members to write the executive summary, and the last one has involved a lot of research which I really enjoy - so now I have to bring it all together and start writing it today.  So we are making progress.  Once these are finished I just have an exam on June 16th left:):):) and then its parrrrrty time!  Dougal has gotten very used to sharing the chair though and I am used to having him snuggled up behind me.  Life can be very good in strange ways. 

I am definitely getting closer to having the poetry collection finished by July and ready to publish, I am looking forward to matching the poems with images that will involve photography, paintings and sketches....woops must go now, I have to do a few chores and then start writing that English essasy:):):)



  1. That is really sad that wedding gossip seems to have more precedence over people who die courageously in the nuclear disaster..

    P.S. Like that last photo :)

  2. Hi there

    I agree, I really do love weddings but I dont think we really have a proper handle yet on the the Fukushima disaster....