Thursday, May 5, 2011

Focassing on the environment, limits to growth, study...

I am focussing on the environment again today - this time, from the perspective of limits to growth.  The ABC has a couple of interesting stories about looming food shortages. which at this time, are a potentially BIG problem.  I say potentially because we still have time to do something about fixing how we go about using our land.  Do we really want to suck up all of the prime agricultural land in mining and growing biofuel crops...just to maintain and unmaintainable lifestyle? Article and photo below are from the ABC Website...

Food crisis looms, warn scientists
By Stuart Gary for ABC Science Online
Updated Fri Feb 12, 2010 2:44pm AEDT
Food production needs to be increased at unprecedented rates if we are to keep the world fed (ABC News: Brad Markham). A new report by Australian researchers claims far more needs to be done if we are to feed the estimated 9 billion people who will be living on the planet by 2050. The link is at

I have now completed about 25% of one of the major assignments - this one is due first - and I love how you can assign percentages like yes, I will type another 700 words which will bring me up to 50% (total word count is 3,500) off to uni this morning and then - and then I am meeting Andrew at one of the local nurseries to choose spring flowers, and then - and then home to occupy the study.  Poor Andrew, he now has to wait until I am out of the house to access the computer.  This morning as I type, Dougal dog is allowing me to share the edge of the seat, so he is a warm presence behind my back, and I am perched on the very edge.  Guess I am getting used to that now but the comfort factor doesn't change:)  I took the photos below on our trip last year to England:):)

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