Sunday, May 8, 2011

Study is taking over for awhile:)

I know, I keep blogging about study - but it is a fact of my life at the moment...but I keep in mind the many creative activities I am going to be involved when I am finished in June.  Painting, poetry, photography, weaving,...ahh the list goes on (sigh).  But then you know, that uni assignments are also creative products, yes there are rules and boundaries that have to be negotiated but it is still your creative brain thought that makes the creative can be just anywhere:):)

Dougal and I are sharing the chair again and this morning, I have to work hard and complete an essay least I now have that magic secondary source document - need 3 to 4 in this assignment and I will just make it:):)


  1. Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    These pictures are so pretty! I especially love the butterfly one. :) Did you draw the top one?? Its gorgeous!

    I'm following you and I'd love if you could follow back!

  2. Hi there
    Thankyou for visiting my blog - I am now following your blog too as I just love hearing about what is happening in NY. I am an older woman but I still want to be in touch with the fahsion industry and (everything else) as I am finding that there are so many options for us in clothes, make-up and shoes (my total weakness.

    I did the drawings and took the photo and I am currently (when study is finished) working on a poetry (with images) collection... there are so many opportunities to express creativity today:):):)