Monday, May 30, 2011

Carbon Tax, ETS or an ETR...

It is great to see the possiblility at last of some action on global warming. While a carbon tax or an ETS is a first step, an appropriately designed ETR offers several distinct advantages over a Carbon Tax or an ETS. Firstly, like a carbon tax, ETR would provide price certainty for business, industry and householders. Furthermore, funds raised by the ETR could be directed towards the research and further development of renewable energy technology as well as the deployment on a commercial scale of renewable energy technology options already available. Secondly, important environmental benefits as well as economic benefits and efficiencies are gained which can be harnessed - but it will take bi-partisan support from governments at all levels to really get the show on the road.

I have now finished my Executive Summary and started work on the final assignment for another subject - which only leaves the exams in June...can't wait to get back to golf, and weaving, and knitting, and taking photographs, and going bushwalking, and even slipping in a little reading and writing, and pulling the poetry collection together, and the calendar as well...mmm do I have to start making choices...not yet...not till the exams are over:):)

Peacock photograph was taken in Tasmania and the poppy field was taken in Italy:):)

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