Friday, May 20, 2011

Free falling planets?...writing and study:)

As I finish my studies I am getting ready to start writing and getting that writing published.  I have been reading about 'real' writers who are struggling and trying to get published in Australia.  I was thinking that by putting my poetry collection together I too will enter the field of 'trial by rejection'. I would like to score a goal or two, but my first best biggest hope is to get thrown the ball in the first place.:):) The thought that keeps me interested is that a number of our great writers (not that I am in that mould) too have been involved in a really rugged game of on a wet and sloppy field.

I really love the Science section on the ABC website. There is a great story about scientists finding that there are planets that freely move around the universe.  The link is below for you to have a look. The picture under the link is also from that story. 

 I find these pictures so inspiring and I can't wait to start painting again:):)

Off to uni today - I enjoy the Friday tutes but when I get home I will be seriously banging away on the typewriter on my final essay for another english subject.  Only three more weeks left to go before exams:):) yeah!!!

I also love how different colours inspire the emotions:):)

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