Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Chasers, study, and rain...

The preparations for the royal wedding have moved up a few paces as the time draws nigh.  In Australia, we are in the interesting and curious position of the ABC having to cancel the Chasers show about the wedding.  An interesting con-undrum... It seems that there are conflicting ideas/parties in the palace about what is a suitable media approach - the broadcast over youtube versus 'lets keep it within the family control' stance. Regardless, it is very strange that a single show has been singled there a history here.  Also, are there fears that it will turn into another 'Diana' circus. The decision will never make sense unless we have a little more information...

I am in the study today (again) putting the final touches now on three assignments for submission tomorrow:):) I find this part of the process the hardest - you are usually over the piece you are reviewing and yet have to really focus...silly errors costs lots of coffee coming up today for Dougal and me:)

As I look outside of my study window it is raining - not hard but sort of snowlike misty falls...I was aiming to do a little mowing today to make the place look nice for Andrew's return on Sunday....ah know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men:)

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