Sunday, April 10, 2011

The many voices of the climate change debate, Dougal and yes, more study...

On the The ABC Drum blogspot, there is a very important post on the climate debate and who we should trust in regard to coming up with measures to reduce emissions.  The thrust of the article discusses how we value the credentials of some of the more prominent people involved and that we are dealing with some uncertainty.  But, that doesnt mean we should not act, we know enough to know that we are having a negative environmental impact on the planet.  The post is definitely worth a look:):) the link is How science lost its voice on the... the picture below is from the ABC site as well - great isnt it...

Poor ol' Dougal is a tad wet and bedraggled this morning after his bath.  He loves the attention he gets but hates getting wet....I will make it up to him later, when he dries:):) and he will look like he does below this afternoon:)

Study, well today we are making progress, I have almost finished a good draft of one assignment and am now about to do some reading for another...its times like now, that I am not sure if I should continue and complete the draft, or take a break from it, and get on with the new assignment....choices....choices....choices:):)

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