Sunday, April 3, 2011

Earth's odd shape, countdown Zero day 2, and cooking

There was a great post yesterday by Stuart Gary for ABC Science about Earth's gravity being shaped like a potato.  The link is

I was blown away by the pictures that accompanied the very interesting story - have a look, its worth it:):) just to prove it I have put one of the photos below for you...

see what I mean...

Dougal and I spent a very busy day in the study yesterday and I managed to make a good start on my essay about 'particularising' experience...just gotta write the rest of it today.  We also fed the chooks and watered the at the moment we are under control.  Now the big news is (well for us) is that I am going to cook tonight - remember I don't cook.  I have some vegetables out of our vegie garden that have to be used up so I am going to make a vegetable lasagne...let you know tomorrow what it tasted like:):)

Have a great day:):)

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  1. Gravity is shaped like a potato?? I have NEVER heard of that... Well, I guess you learn something new everyday :)