Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Youth week, Writing assignment, and Dougal's coundown day 0-4

We missed a blogging day yesterday because I had to focus on getting my assignment finished (which it is) and sent to the tutor, (which it has been:):)

Anyway, this morning on the local radio there was a terrific story about Youth week.  Young people have the opportunity to share their views and their concerns. What a great idea...I am continuously learning from my son...

Dougal is settling down to his new routine of just having me for company and very obligingly shares the study chair with me as I work at the computer.  Today after uni I have actually go to the supermarket.  Now as you know I don't cook for myself and Andrew (he is getting on really well in England at the moment) usually does the shopping...ah happy me! I get to go today. I was listening to my friends at uni talk about the price of fruit and veg and they were shocked by the big prices they now pay. Looks like I am in for a big shock too:)

I am also trying to tidy up my photos - the first one is Dougal, the second is of a lovely white peacock in Italy (love that place) and the third is Wineglass Bay in Tasmania.  Such a lovely world:):)


  1. The white peacock is STUNNING. So is the white pooch. ;)

  2. Hi there,

    I was totally amazed by the white peacocks, as I didnt even know they existed before we went to Italy. There were so elegant and not at all frightened by all of the people wandering around.

    Dougal is a cutie:):):)