Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quiet day at home...

Dougal and I have only 5 days left before we see Andrew again and we are looking forward to picking him up from the airport.  With that in mind, I am making a concerted effort to be as up to date with my uni work as I can and will spend the day doing final checks on three assignments:):) Once these are out of the way, the research begins for the final assignments due in June - I figure it is worthwhile starting early as I know in the lead up to the end of the semester, things will get a tad hectic...

I thought about this poem and how at the end of June, I will have time to walk on the beach and smell the ocean spray:):)


I walk along the

     empty beach

          catching the rhythm, as

             waves gently



The breeze moves

      through my hair, refreshes

          my tired soul

              as I reach

                   into my dreams


     flow in

         on the sand

            hard beneath my feet

                 but I feel them flow

                        through my mind, feel the wind

An enveloping peace as I

      walk along, my body slows to

             the ancient rhythm of the waves

                   floats in time, timeless

                          serenity reaches out

                            and gathers me up. ã

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