Friday, April 8, 2011

Language, the garden and more study, and poem of the day:)

There is a really good post on the ABC Drum Blogsite this morning about how language can be used, abused and spun to create a 'particularised' story.  The post raises the issue of war and the term 'civilian target' and questions why it is that the make-up of  civilian casualties is often not revealed.  Casualties of war, civilian casualties or to use another term, collateral damage, are byproducts of weaponised engagement.  Check the post out - its a good read...

Semantics camouflages the tragedy of war

Now to the mundane, Dougal and I are again esconced in the study this morning working on an assignment due next week.  I have half finished the work, but the assignment is part of a group project and I have to shamefully admit, I dont really enjoy group work .  My previous experience was not a positive one, and despite best intentions, it does not replicate how teams operate in the work place.   Stop complaining Olga and just get on with it (that's me talking to me).  After lunch today, I have to work outside and continue my mowing spree - nature is wonderful:):)

As I have published a few of my poems on the blog, I now have the start of a collection - that is really a big step forward and its all thanks to the support I have recieved from other bloggers in blogland:):)  I have put another poem after more photos of the trip to Northern Italy:):)


Do or Die

Well this is it,
It has to be - next year.
A do or die effort is required.
We have to work hard.
Work it out somehow,
we just have too
or life will pass us by.

A dream we have,
You and I,
Its the same dream,
to publish, to see our work in print.
To be able to say “Writer”
Not “would be if we could be”
But the real “dinky-di”.

There’s something about a dream.
Its hard work to pursue,
its so easy when I lie
awake and muse.
But reality blunders in, forces its case.
Its not going to “just happen you know”!
YOU, have to make it, before time runs dry.

So, next year is it,
an all out attack
I’m not sure yet the details
But I know if we really try
something will happen; there will be a break
determination, to forge full steam ahead,
its got to be  -  publish or die. Ó

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