Monday, April 11, 2011

Trying it out, Dougal, and a morning off from study:) yeah...

Don't you just love how entrepreneurial companies can be, after all who wants to pay a great big new tax.  Well obviously some major players in the emission wars don't.  Check it out - I am still a tad p..o.. 

LNG giants push for carbon tax exemptions

By Alexandra Kirk
Australia's booming oil and gas sector is ramping up its campaign to be exempted from Labor's carbon tax.
Resources giant Woodside says the use of liquid natural gas (LNG) helps to cut global greenhouse gases, and so deserves special consideration.
The LNG industry is currently building $90 billion worth of projects, with another $90 billion to be signed off around the same time as the Federal Government wants Parliament to pass the carbon tax. Link

This is what we will lose if we dont start caring for our environment properly...

Dougal is now lovely and fluffy and clean and very loving after I gave him lots of treats to make up for having to have his bath.  He is I am perched...he is sitting on the chair behind me as I type this very generously allowing me to share his space.  A friend once told me that Dougal is very kindly letting us share his doggie kennel.  I laughed at the time...but I think he was right...ah well.

I am having the morning off from study as I have to go to our local library to track down a book to help with this weeks assignment.  I might just do a little shopping as well....gotta have some retail therapy to get me through the long lonely hours spent in the study. Wait...did I say lonely, I lie.  The hours go so fast I barely know what day of the week it is, except that this week is a mid semester break and I have a chance to get ahead on my readings:):)

Think I might start using some music to help out mmm...


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