Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Saturday...Syria...Study...and poetry

The weather is beautiful and the morning is fresh and bitey and Dougal and I are starting our day warmly and safely esconced in the study.  Lucky me.  Sadly, this morning on the news we learn that "...Unconfirmed reports from Syria say dozens of people have been killed as security forces tried to quell the latest outbreak of pro-democracy demonstrations..."

Wish people in Syria could be as safe and lucky as we are:):)

I am well on the way now with building my poetry collection - today's poem is about Autumn...


As I look upon the garden now,

a mellow sun shines.

The leaves have begun their Autumn Fall

their colours reflect the changing season.

The feeling is one of peace

a languid pace is set.

The summer flourishing is done

no more frenzy under a torrid sun.

Oh, there is still work to do

of that no doubt.

Somehow though, it's not so hard

for that mellow peace surrounds my heart. Ó

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