Sunday, April 24, 2011

Measles, art, assignment on paracriticism.... and Syria.

What is happening in Syria? how awful that people at a funeral have been fired upon...doesn't common sense tell these people that you won't win hearts through the fear factor!

Andrew and I spoke last night and he told me that his Mother's 90th birthday celebrations look like they are going to be a fantastic affair with many family members travelling from all over the world to be with her.  But, he said that one part of the family might not be able to join them as one of the little boys has measles.  I didnt think anything of it other than - ahh what a shame... but this morning when I checked out the ABC news there was an article about the increase in measle cases in Europe.  Have a look if you are interested in how much of an increase there has been from 2010 to 2011. "The World Health Organisation is concerned about a surge in the cases of measles in Europe this year. The organisation says not enough children are being vaccinated for the disease, known mainly for its itchy rash, but which can be deadly."  – link

Dougal and I plan to spend the morning in the study as I have to finsih an assignment on Paracriticism.  I managed to make good progress on the close reading assignment yesterday, so with luck, I may be able to have this afternoon off to do other art...or even cooking:):) hell no, lets do art, I have just remembered I don't cook for myself:):)

Just a couple of photos below from our holiday last year:)

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