Monday, April 25, 2011

Environment, plastic bags, study and knitting...

An article on the ABC Environment section talks about the problem of too many plastic bags. It reminded of a study I did last year for a uni assignment – we had to review the documentary “ADDICTED TO PLASTIC: THE RISE AND DEMISE OF A MODERN MIRACLE”. The documentary, directed by Ian Connacher, shown on Thursday 18 June 2009 by the Australian Broadcasting Organisation was filmed over a three year period in 12 countries and told the stories of the scientists looking at the impact on marine life in the Pacific Ocean, the local communities impacted by the dumping of plastic waste, and some of the people involved in schemes to recycle or re-use plastic. The main points covered in the documentary were: (a) scientists’ concern about the increasing amounts of plastic being found in the oceans, particularly, the Pacific Ocean (North Pacific Gyro) which is increasing toxicity levels in marine life, and (b) the increasing rate of plastic production and consumption, and the problems this is causing in disposing of plastic waste. The mix of stories covered in ‘Addicted to Plastic’ confirmed that the issue of plastic waste is a major trans-border issue causing a range of environmental and social and cultural problems.

The ABC post “Where the roads are paved with plastic By Mridu Khullar Relph ABC Environment | 18 Apr 2011 Link talks about and Indian man named Ahmed Khan who with his brother founded a company that now mixes the plastic bags with road making surfaces. Results so far indicate that these roads withstand the monsoons and might have an application for Australia. Although not everyone aggress with his approach at least someone is thinking outside of the square. I have put the link up so you can check it out for yourself...

I made good progress yesterday on my assignments - have to do final reads this morning before getting out to mow the lawns this afternoon.  But last night, I started a knitting project - I have some lovely wool and finally got organised enough to pick a pattern and make a start:):) yeah its feels so good to do something creative.

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