Saturday, April 2, 2011

NSW Govt policies, countdown Zero day minus 1, and another poem

Interesting dilemmas we face in NSW. I must admit I was a tad disappointed when I read the Lib-Nat Coalition policy statements before the election and of interest is the following:

1)Australia has set a Renewable Energy Target of 20 per cent by 2020.
2)The former NSW Labor Government committed to become carbon neutral by 2020.
3)The new NSW Liberal-National Coalition Government has committed to developing a 2020 NSW Renewable Energy Plan to aim for a 20% renewable energy target by 2020.

Is this what progress is about?

I dropped Andrew off at the airport yesterday and tearily said goodbye for about a month.  Then I headed to uni for an in-class test before racing home to start my chores.  You will be pleased to know that I fed the chooks, cleaned the house, fed myself and Dougal (no I didn't cook - we have leftovers):) and then came into the study to write a two page brief which is due Monday.  So far so good.  Today Dougal and I have a few chores to do and then we will sit in the study and write a life writing essay on , 'to what degree do the broad forms of discourse affect particularity of experience?'  Do I know what this is about - not yet - but I am sure when I have done the research I will have a glimmer, just hope its enough to complete the 2,500 word assignment.  Wish us luck:):)

Poem for the day

Do or Die

Well this is it,
It has to be - next year.
A do or die effort is required.
We have to work hard.
Work it out somehow,
we just have too
or life will pass us by.

A dream we have,
You and I,
Its the same dream,
to publish, to see our work in print.
To be able to say “Writer”
Not “would be if we could be”
But the real “dinky-di”.

There’s something about a dream.
Its hard work to pursue,
its so easy when I lie
awake and muse.
But reality blunders in, forces its case.
Its not going to “just happen you know”!
YOU, have to make it, before time runs dry.

So, next year is it,
an all out attack
I’m not sure yet the details
But I know if we really try
something will happen; there will be a break
determination, to forge full steam ahead,
its got to be  -  publish or die. Ó

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