Saturday, April 16, 2011

It is all down to the cows....and now we know, sketching and painting.

Well accordingly to an airline magazine article which someone kindly send me a copy of this week...climate change is all down to the cows. To quote "Air transport produces 2% of global CO2 emissions. But it might surprise you to know that this is actually less than the CO2 produced worldwide by cattle."
Source: Singapore Airlines flight magazine...The article or one page ad is very short and states that the airlines are partly responsible for climate change but they are doing their bit.  The heading in the ad said " Danger CO2W,  Very clever but isnt it sad that they still insist on shifting blame.  I took the picture below last year while on holiday:):)

Dougal and I had the morning off study and I went into town to buy groceries and catch-up with the ladies from weaving.  They are an amazing group of creative people...we spent some of the morning viewing the work that people had brought to show and tell...and let me tell you it really made the creative juices yearn and burn.  I love my study and will finish this particular degree at the end of June (touch wood) but I am so looking forward to having time to paint, and weave, take lots more photographs, and write...

 This is a sketch that I stared awhile ago and can't wait to finish

 This is a painting that I decided after a lot of umming and ahhing to have framed and I am really glad I did, I get such a happy feeling whenever I look at it - it's a colours thing I think:):)

These are the colours that are inspiring me now to go and paint:):):) maybe I will take an hour or two out this afternoon.   It is very cloudy outside so maybe I wont get out to do the outside chores:):) ah well..

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