Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carbon tax...truth or myth...

I am learning at uni about some of the regulatory instruments and various measure that can be put in place to move us along the path to actually deal with climate change.  But, I am very disappointed in how badly the Gillard Government is dealing with providing information on some of the reasons why a carbon tax would be a good FIRST step and some of the other initiatives that are in place. The Federal Government has set up a $500 million National Clean Coal Fund to assist the National Clean Coal Initiative. The fund will be used to support activities and investments worth $1.5 billion in cooperation with the industry's Coal21 initiative. The COAL21 Fund is raising over $1 billion over 10 years through a voluntary levy on coal production.[1] The former NSW Labor Government also committed $100 million over four years to the Clean Coal Fund[2] and Queensland is investing heavily in clean coal-fired generation initiatives by providing $300 million in a joint venture with the State’s coal mining industry which will provide $600 million (over ten years) for the accelerated development and deployment of low emission coal technologies. These are the same companies now seeking a free ticket to ride!

The photo from the ABC Environment website.  
Dougal and I have a busy day planned...back in the study today, finalising one of the assignments and working of two others...mmm...must not forget to listen to that lecture:):)

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[1] Australian Coal Association Coal 21 and Other Initiatives accessed online 10 April 2011 <http://www.australiancoal.com.au/coal21-and-other-initiatives_coal21fund.aspx>
[2]New South Wales Government Climate Change Fund Annual Report, accessed online 10 April 2010 http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/resources/climatechange/10889CCFAR10ClnEn.pdf>

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