Monday, April 18, 2011

Planets and black holes...and no time to paint...

The photo below is from the ABC science website and the post is about black holes "Planets orbiting inside a black hole would have to contend with huge tidal forces and massive energy densities." the link is check the site out there are some really wonderful photos there:)

spinning black hole

The photo above is one of my favourite (at the moment) flower shots and I just love the colours.  Dougal and I didnt get any time to paint yesterday.  I made a great start on my essay but it took longer than I hoped it would and then I had reading to complete before today's class... so all in all it was a very productive day - just not very artistic.  Never mind, these photos will still keep on inspiring (as does the one above) until end of June, and then watch out easel:):)

Coudn't resist one more "...Astronomers say they have found the first Earth-sized world circling its mother star at a distance suitable for life. It also has good prospects for liquid surface water..."  are they searching for another nirvana... the link is the same as the link for the first photo:):)  have a good one.

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