Monday, April 4, 2011

Space, more photos, and Dougal's countdown Day Zero minus 3, and the environment.

I really love the photos that NASA has on its website and that the ABC is currently running in its Science section.  I have put a couple more below for you to have a look at:).  The first photo is another one from the Planet is shaped like a potoao series, and the second is from an article about the Rings of Saturn.  The link is:

Dougal and I had a 'cooked by me' meal last night.  I made a vegetable lasagne ...and guess was really could of course be that as I didn't eat until after 8pm, I was just very hungry...but Dougal had his dinner earlier and was still happily sitting at my feet as I was eating, hoping, expecting a taste:):)

It will  be interesting to see how the new environment portfolio in the NSW Lib-Nat Coalition pans out. I did think their policies before the election were a tad pro - economic.  Now that might not be a bad thing, but if investment in renewable energy technology and consideration of ecological tax reform is not on the agenda soon...well...

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